Bath Salts With Geranium

Balancing Bath Salts with Geranium

Relaxing Muscles & Joints & Helping to Cure Skin Disorders 

APCO bath salts are 100% pure and natural salts taken from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea is well- known for its legendary reserves of salts and natural minerals 10 times concentrated higher than any other ocean or sea. Among these minerals, we find in particular the regenerating calcium, which improves equilibrate the cellular exchanges, the revitalizing potassium helps to equilibrate the skin moisturize, and the relaxing magnesium, considered as a natural anti- stress. helps in the treatment of bone pain, arthritis and rheumatism, relax stiff joints and body muscles & helps to cure skin disorders. 

Benefits: 100% pure and natural, a finally ground salt (can be mixed with essential oils) is scrubbed all over the body to exfoliate dead cells, deep cleanse the pores. This is perfect prelude to APCO body mud mask or body wrap.

Soothes and relaxes stiff joints and muscles.

Help chase away tension.

 Restore physical vitality.


Directions for useDissolve the contents of this pouch into a 1/4 filled hot tub, relax for 10-20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. It can be scrubbed all over the body to exfoliate dead skin cells and deep cleanse the pores.

 طريقة الاستعمالتوضع الكمية كاملة بالماء الدافئ في حوض الاستحمام. ينصح بالاسترخاء لمدة 10-20 دقيقة في الحوض، وبعدها يغسل الجسم كاملاً بدون استخدام صابون ، يفضل استخدام كريم مرطب للجسم من APCO بعدها مباشرة. 


 Aqua, Purified Dead Sea Salt, Dead Sea Minerals, Natural Plant Extracts, Geranium, Natural Color


Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.


تحذير: يحفظ بعيدا عن متناول الاطفال .تجنب ملامسة العينين ،للاستعمال الخارجي فقط.




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