Hand Sanitizer


Hygienic, Cleansing, Refreshing & Prevent Dryness

APCO Hand Sanitizer with Dead Sea Minerals hygienic, cleansing, refreshing, prevent dryness, effectively kills bacteria and deactivates viruses on your hands. It is a perfect disinfectant for your hands when you're on-the-go; it dries rapidly, is non-sticky and includes natural moisturizers and vitamin E known to maintain your hands spongy and smooth.


Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer Lavender

Hand Sanitizer Lemon

Hand Sanitizer Lilac

Hand Sanitizer Apple

Hand Sanitizer Violet


Directions For Use:

Use without water, Squeeze a small amount onto the palm of your hand and rub over both hands.


:طريقة الاستعمال

.ضع كمية قليلة على راحة يديك او المكان المراد تعقيمه، ويدلك بطريقة جيدة حتى يجف تماماً


Ethanol, Water, Glycerin, Carboxy Vinyl, Polymer, Triethanol Amine Fragrance, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Dead Sea Salt.



For external use only - hands.

Avoid direct contact with eyes & mucous membranes.

Keep out of reach of children,

Keep away from fire and flame.


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